Watch Out Tiger, Here Comes Krissy!

We decided to head to the driving range today to hit some golf balls with Krissy and Kenny because they got some swanky new golf clubs this past weekend. Now, Krissy had never really swung a golf club so today was her first time out. She had seemed kind of worried about it but I told her that Bob was a great teacher and very patient and that she’ll do fine.

When we got out there, she was AWESOME! I mean, every shot that I watched her take was great! Total natural! I’m thinking that she really does know how to play golf and she’s just putting on an act so she she can totally wipe the floor with us when we get onto a real golf course! :-) It almost seems like we’re prepping ourselves to be country club members. First tennis, now golf. Soon, Krissy and I will be having luncheons on Thursdays while the boys play a round together. I don’t know about you, but it sounds good to me.

One thought on “Watch Out Tiger, Here Comes Krissy!

  1. I’m totally ready for the luncheons. Bring it on. And thanks for the compliments on my budding golf game. Should be interesting to watch me get frustrated like I did with tennis ;)

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