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Kenny, Krissy, Jen, and Bob: Superfans

All of America tuned in today to watch the Redbirds scratch out a win against the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2006 Home Opener at the New Busch Stadium. And even though we didn’t have tickets to opening night, we got to check out the new digs ahead of time. Let me just say: New Busch is awesome. If you don’t believe me, check the photo gallery.

Friday night, Jen and I went with Kenny and Krissy to the Founder’s Club open house at the new ballpark. Krissy’s dad got tickets to the exclusive reception because of his season tickets, and we were the lucky recipients. Not only was the weather better and the crowds much smaller than the Saturday open house (more on that in just a sec), but for the founders (and their mooching family and friends), the food and drinks were on the house. Yes, that’s right: all you can eat and drink from any of the concession stands FOR FREE!

Ohmigod that was awesome.

The next day, Jen, Kenny, Brandon and I took advantage of the free tickets I snagged over the internet for the open house for the rest of the proletariat. While concessions weren’t free and the ballpark was hella crowded, it was still awesome to get a different view of the stadium.

All in all, I’m really excited with how the new house turned out. It is a gorgeous stadium, and the little touches like the birds perching on the signage and the bronzed baseballs on the light fixtures really affirm the notion that the St. Louis recognized their rarefied position within this community and know that these people, the best fans in all of baseball, deserve the best from their hometown team.

Now then, let’s play ball!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Baseball Heaven

  1. yeah, it’s really a good thing the cards won their home opener because i think … wait a sec, let me double check … yep, didn’t they get SWEPT by the cubs last weekend?! that’s right!

  2. Krissy, just wanted to say that you are awesome! Thanks for inviting us to accompany you and Kenny on Friday!

  3. You’re welcome. I am super excited about the new stadium :) It’s fantastic. And I think Em is just jealous that the Cubs have to suffer through yet another season of playing in the Cards’ shadow. Pathetic.

  4. you guys are mean. really. i don’t diss your team just so i can make myself feel better. sure, i mentioned the FACT that the cubs won last weekend, but i didn’t call the cards pathetic or losers or useless. i’ve been told that st. louis has the best fans in the country, but it sounds like the cards fans have some poor sportsmanship to me.

  5. I think a big part of being the best fans in the country is supporting our teams win or lose and having fun while doing it. Luckily for us, the Cards usually win and win more than the Cubs. And what fans don’t make fun of other teams’ fans. . . that’s the FUN of it. We mean no harm.

  6. We are the best fans in the country. We typically don’t go around making fun of other fans. Just Cub fans. Therein lies the rivalry between the two clubs. Andrew is a Cubs fan. Hes also a good friend but I don’t cut him any slack either.

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