Here for the Beer, Part II: The Redemption

Before we get to our weekly wrapup of the hot bowling action at the Here for the Beer league at Olivette Lanes, let’s travel back in time to Sunday…

Jen and I were at her parents’ house hanging out, spreading some Kuma love and talking bowling with her dad, and avid bowler. I was trying to get Jen into buying into the idea of me getting a real bowling ball to replace my $1 rummage sale special, when my father-in-law got up to go out to the garage. A few moments later, he called me outside where lo and behold, a ton of bowling balls were spread out around the garage. He told me to pick whichever ones I liked and I could have them. I thanked him profusely and chose 4 balls to take to the lanes and give a whirl. Of the four, I liked the green one the best (naturally), and brought that one out for our league last night.

Still reeling (but with a ton of handicap pins) from my 119 average to start the season, I figured the only way to go was up, and with my new ball at my side, I stepped up to the line. The beer flowed, the pins flew and after all was said and done, I had redeemed myself quite nicely. Jen had another awesome night (she’s the ringer!), while Brandon and Andrew did not do so well. All in all, we won 5 out of a possible 7 points (winning two games and the overall) to cap a successful second week.

Here are the scores:

Name Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Avg
Bob 161 197 107 155
Jen 163 148 164 158
Andrew 121 121 95 112
Brandon 155 153 205 170

Yet another precipitous drop in the third game for me, fortunately, that’s the one Brandon knows how to bowl in. He needs to start practice an hour early, while I need to practice not at all. Or just not drink as much. One of the two.

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4 thoughts on “Here for the Beer, Part II: The Redemption

  1. First of all, nice layout. Its new, its fresh, it smells like dog. I like it.

    Also, I bowled one pin over my average so i wouldn’t say I did bad, just not as good as I know I can bowl. I better be careful though, you and Jenn might catch up to me in average. After we pick up our balls Tuesday night, we should head up to OL and give ’em a whirl

  2. You definately can’t argue with the handicap but we’ll be losing some next week since yours and Bob’s averages have gone up.

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