Here for the Beer

Tonight, Jen proved to me that she is, indeed, my best bowling buddy. Our summer bowling league started tonight and with the assistance of Brandon and Andrew, Jen and I went out and rolled a few. Bowling under the banner of The Rushmore Academy Bowling Club, this fearsome foursome knocked down some pins, to be certain. Of the four of us, Brandon is the one who is good and has fun, but gets scarily competitive for a couple frames each game. You know you have to watch out when a brother brings more bowling balls to the alley than his bag can carry. Jen is the quiet, consistent one that secretly carries the whole team. Even though she bowls with the wrong hand, she’s guaranteed to kick my ass two games out of three. Andrew is the one we coerced into joining the team, and we hope he is having fun. From my point of view, I’m here to have a good time, roll a solid first game and help with the handicap the rest of the way.

Moving forward, I will be updating you, fearless reader, with our progress throughout the summer. I’ll even try to SPARE you my awful puns in describe our endeavours on the lanes. Stay tuned!

Week 1:
BOB: 140 126 106
JEN: 121 164 159

(We won’t post Brandon’s and Andrew’s scores without their consent.)

One thought on “Here for the Beer

  1. I only get competitive when I suck. And you can’t go wrong with lots of balls, at least thats what Andrew tells me.

    Good Effort!

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