Short Game of Golf: Not So Pretty

Ugly Scores

In the game of golf, it does not matter how far or how hard you can hit the ball off the tee, if you can’t chip, pitch or putt your way to the hole, then it’s a lost cause. For example, as you can see in the above scores, who has a short game and who does not. Bob, of course, kicked all of our butts on the little chip and putt course at our local driving range. Please note the wonderful score of 10 for me on the second hole (and they were being generous with that stroke count). We must highlight Krissy’s shining moment on the 4th hole where she blew us away with her knowledge and skill of chipping. Kenny’s score reflected the fact that his ball was too good for its home and would tease him by brushing close to the hole, but not go in. And I must acknowlege Bob’s awesome chip that went right into the hole on the 3rd hole. This just proves that when it comes to finesse, I’m not quite there yet, just need a smidge more work.

2 thoughts on “Short Game of Golf: Not So Pretty

  1. I just noticed, but I think Krissy hit the ball so many times, she forgot how to add! ;-)

    Sadly, I ended up with a 30 instead of a 28. Woe is me!

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