Chock Full of Fun and It’s Only Wednesday

I’m jealous. Today, Freddie and Laura arrived and will be staying with us until Sunday, which means that they will be having a great time while Bob and I are both at work. (I guess I really shouldn’t complain because today was the first day back at work for me.) Oh, but don’t worry, we will be cramming in a lot of things to do while they are here. Laura pretty much has the rest of the week planned since she’s not much of a “winging it” type of person.

We left them to to their own devices tonight while we bowled and I bowled a 199! If only I would have picked up the spare, then I would have hit 200! This is my highest game EVER! So excited! Who would have thought I would enjoy league play? It is so much fun! Guess it makes me a dork! Following in my father’s footsteps. Now only if I could bowl a 300…

One thought on “Chock Full of Fun and It’s Only Wednesday

  1. HEY! Dork? I’ve been bowling league since I was 6 (with a 6 year hiatus after HS), what’s that make me? A Big Dork? And you’re 300 will come, in time, maybe, it’s pretty tough.

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