Dinner Party at Krissy and Kenny’s

We were invited over to Krissy and Kenny’s, along with Mark and Jenn, for dinner. Since they are always so kind to invite us over for various dinners, we volunteered to bring the wine. Ravioli was being served so we hit up Trader Joe’s to peruse the great wine selection. And what do you know? We found a Francis Coppola wine that the Trader Joe tag said “Goes great with ravioli.” Perfect! And to top it off, we brought our dessert wine as well. Dinner was great, as usual. Krissy and the dining room set up, I think that was the first time I had sat in there. We had salad, ravioli, garlic bread (compliments of Mark and Jenn) and apple-milky way salad for dessert. The Marcantels do throw great dinner parties and the company was fantastic, I hadn’t seen Jenn since she had moved down to St. Louis. A 10 in my book. Thanks for the invite, we appreciate it!

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