Fish Fry Friday

St. Ferdinand has a fish fry on Fridays all year long and the best attraction, besides the “Best Fish Fry in St. Louis”, is the huge $3.50 beer you can get while you consume good fried fish and chips. So, when Bob had heard about this he had to get his friends to go for the beer. Tonight was a small group (Paul, Yao, Kim, Bob and me), but I’m sure it will catch on. It cracks me up how huge these beers are and they even come in styrofoam cups. Classic. I was really there to be the sober driver and the boys had to have beers to go, naturally. When we got back to the house, Kim and I headed to NW Plaza because she had heard of the semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret. Sadly, we were three weeks too early. It is June 20th boys and girls! So, start saving up! Then Monika and Hiral invited us to watch The Break-Up. It wasn’t bad at all. I thought it was funny. Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn do look adorable in the movie. It was a pretty random Friday night.

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