Full Day of Family Fun

9:30 AM
Met up with my parents and Chris to bowl a few games at Brunswick. I thought it would be fun to go bowling with the Hwang family since we don’t really do much together and my dad was an avid bowler in his younger years. An asian family of four and Bob, I’m sure people were probably thinking that we were visiting from China and he was our interpreter. (You know what happens when people assume!) All I have to say about bowling is that it turned my mother into a giddy little girl each time she gets a mark, my sister absolutely sucked and therefore has been rejected by the rest of the family, my father picked it back up as if he had never left the sport and Bob bowled incredibly that it made me wonder who is that guy who bowls on our team because the man that showed up today had never bowled that well on Wednesdays.

11:30 AM
Dim sum at Hunan Garden. Bob and I always enjoy partaking in this with my parents because they know what we do and do not eat. The only way that I know what to order is to look at it, I don’t even know what these dishes are called, in either language. Of course my dad orders his chicken feet and the rest of us turn our noses up in disgust. For as much food as we ordered, the total bill was not bad at all. I thought it was a great morning spent with the Hwang side, even my sister had a great time!

1:30 PM
Bob and I head down to Golf Headquarters – Family Golf Complex to play 18 holes of the Par 3 course. Three hours of golf in the sun and now I have a farmer’s tan to prove it. Damn it, should have listened to Bob and worn a tank top. With each round of golf I play, I am that much closer to the Promise Land: a real golf course! Sure, there were a few wild shots (including one that almost hit a car driving by), a few lost balls (4-5 were made as an offering to the water spirits), but all in all, fun. Must remember: Golf is a waiting game. Do not worry about the people behind you. Just take your time.

6:00 PM
Bob, Kuma and I headed across the river to Bob’s parents to have dinner and watch New Town’s version of Shakespeare in the Park, The Tempest, circus style. Basically it was Shakespeare on crack. Because none of us had read this particular play, we were absolutely clueless to the happenings on the stage. It would have been nice for a little synopsis in the program that was handed out. But, the performance was free and it was a wonderful evening, so all was not lost. Now, I’m going to have to catch up on my Shakespeare before I head into another one of these things.

Summary: A wonderful day filled with family fun and no squabbling. That is a success in my book.

One thought on “Full Day of Family Fun

  1. Golf is definately a waiting game. My brother and I took my dad out on Father’s Day and were making pretty decent time. However, the threesome behind us still drove into us trying to get us to hurry up. The ball soared about 10 feet to my brother’s left. So he walked up to the ball and hit back at them, missing by only a few feet. They didnt rush us again after that. Good times…

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