Here for the beer: The Roundup!

OK, so I’ve slacked off on blogging our bowling activities lately. Thankfully, Brandon has kept up with it. With this post, I officially get back in the saddle, to reclaim the title of the bowling blogger.

The last three weeks, we have been struggling a bit. Only two points out of seven for the last three weeks have dropped the Rushmore Academy Bowling Club to the bottom of our division, but we are only seven points out of first place.

This last week saw yet another precipitous drop in the third game, even as I realized that I need to keep my ball speed up. The bright side this week was Andrew bowling his ass off. Maybe next week will be better for me…

Jen – 138 123 148
Andrew – 140 152 136
Bob – 153 171 127
Brandon – 166 180 213

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