I am Now Less Wise

It has been a really rough weekend for me due to the fact that I had all four of my wisdom teeth yanked out on Saturday at 9 am. I specifically chose that time so I would have the entire weekend to recover and I wouldn’t have to miss work on Monday. After talking to the doctor, he recommended me not to go to work. This was my first “surgery”, if you could call this a true surgery. I had never been knocked out before and I was very hesitant about it. But here I am and so that meant that everything went according to plan. I got the fun drug, Vicodin and Bob hopes I will have some left over but at the rate I’m going, I’m not so sure. I didn’t think that this would have hit me so hard. My entire lower jaw aches, which then makes my head pound. It feels like there is a sledgehammer simulantiously banging my head and jaw. My mouth is swollen slightly, so I have chipmunk cheeks and I haven’t slept well all weekend. And you know how much I love to sleep and I am VERY GRUMPY if I don’t sleep well. Bob has been so wonderful to me, waiting on my hand and foot. He makes sure I’m taking my pills, makes me oatmeal and other soft foods. That man is so unbelievably awesome! I’ll tell you something, if you want to lose some weight, here’s one way to do it. Bob will probably relay some of the crazy things I said while I was still recovering from the anesthesia as well as while I was high on Vicodin because I don’t remember any of that.

4 thoughts on “I am Now Less Wise

  1. How do you feel now? I hated having my teeth pulled! But I was awake. At least you got to go to sleep. But mine were’t growing into each other though :) Hope you feel better.

  2. Ouch, staying awake would definately suck. I was also knocked out but I think I was back on solid foods the next day. Is your doctor making you clean the holes?

  3. Way to make your husband sound like he’s addicted to painkillers! By the way, just how many days are you gonna take off?

  4. I’m thinking that today is the last day. I’m feeling much more coherent and myself now.

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