My Dog Has Thumbs!

Kuma has been waking Bob up each morning at 5:30 AM, not because she needs to go to the bathroom, but to have her breakfast. Monday morning he decided to try something new: closing the bedroom door as soon as she ran out into the living room. SHE OPENED THE DOOR! Yes, that’s right, our dog jiggled the doorknob enough to pop the door open. So, 5:50 AM, she’s right next to Bob, pawing him as if nothing extraordinary had happened. Next time, we’re locking the door, but I’m sure she’s just going to use her claw to pick the lock. It’s no use, Bob, you’re just going to have to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to appease the puppy.

2 thoughts on “My Dog Has Thumbs!

  1. It is a door knob. Yeah, she’ll bulldoze down anything in her way when it comes to food so i’m sure she just threw herself at the door.

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