Happy Anniversary to Us

Wow, we have been married for four years. That means we have been out of college for four years, working for four years, in St. Louis for four years, living together for four, no wait, I mean seven years. :-) I would go into the mushy stuff but I don’t want anyone to vomit on their keyboards. (That would be tough to clean up, especially between the keys.) All that I will say is that loving Bob is so easy, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has given to me everything that I had ever hoped for in a husband and then some. I know that I can be a tad difficult, a bit neurotic, slightly insane, outrageously ridiculous, but he still married me. Now that is love, or is that stupidity? Well, love does make you stupid, so I guess it’s a little of both. I would do anything for that man, except for getting up with the dog, or turning off the alarm in the morning, or mowing the lawn, or making him a sandwich. He performs those tasks with such grace and ease, I wouldn’t want to take that away from him. Bob, you are the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, berries, copacetic, darb, you’ve got the goods! Love you always and forever!

(Now everyone can proceed to upchuck!)

One thought on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Oh dear gods, I’m crying. Despite your best efforts, I believe I have just vomited on my keyboard [but in a good way.]

    I had almost finished your card but then I packed it for the Big Move to Jones Street; if I find it before everything’s settled, it’ll be in the mail. I know it’s too late, but I did think of you guys on your big day.

    I really couldn’t ask for anything more in a sister-in-law who totally out-shines my blood-brother in every way. Love you guys!

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