The Sun’s Not Even Up…Oh, Wait, My Eyes Aren’t Open

Kim and Gretchen have this thing where they meet once a month for breakfast before work. Cute idea but we are talking about 7:00 in the morning. So, this month, I was graced with an invitation to breakfast this morning and find out that we were meeting at 6:45 AM! For all who know me, I AM NOT AND WILL NEVER BE a morning person. To meet someone at 6:45 required me to wake up at 6:15, argh. That meant the loss of 2 hours of precious slumber. But you will be happy to know that I did make it and had a great time. I wanted to see Gretchen before she became a mommy to Baby Margaret. And I found out that this was my transition breakfast because once Gretchen has the baby, I will be stepping up for the next three months. Kim, this goes to show how much I love you. I’m thinking on the days when I wake up at the ass crack of dawn for these breakfasts, I will be useless at work.

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