Visiting St. Louis

With Freddie and Laura being in town, we were busy this past weekend doing fun stuff. Friday night, the Science Center has a public viewing of the stars held by the astronomical society. You first watch this presentation in the planetarium where they project the stars that are in the sky that night and the speaker will point out various planets and such. Then, you go outside where there are quite a few telescopes set up to view the stars! Very cool! You could see Saturn and its rings! And the best part of it was that it was free. That was something different to do. And of course, they had to go to Ted Drewe’s for ice cream and we didn’t argue with that. Saturday Bob took Freddie out to the par 3 course while the girls slept in until 11:00, ah blessed sleep! We all then barbequed and headed over to Bob’s parents’ house to watch the Tempest in the amphitheatre. Unfortunately, the gods decided to roll in the thunderstorms so that was a no-go. Instead we played dominoes with his parents, which worked out because they were itching to play a round. Sunday, before they left, they wanted Chinese food so we took them to Emperor’s Palace in the Valley. Laura is not one for change and was very hesitant about it but as soon as she saw the chocolate fountain, everything was okay. That restaurant has more food than you can consume in one sitting. Freddie and Laura are now hooked onto it. I know where they will want to go next time they are in town.

This weekend: great friends and great times! Next weekend: hibernating and sleeping for me.

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