Aida at the Muny

Sunday night, Jen and I got this week’s Muny tickets and went to see Elton John’s Aida. We had a choice of several musicals to go to this year, but we decided to take advantage of Grandma’s subscription to check out one we haven’t seen before. I must say, it was excellent. The formula:

Romeo and Juliet + Rent + Lion King + Emperor’s New Groove = Aida

We also decided that in all of the modern musicals, the villians get the best musical numbers. The standout here was “Another Pyramid”, in which the bad guy outlines his plot to murder the Pharoah and put his son on the throne. We think it’s because the badguys are the most rock and roll parts of the show.

All in all, a great time, and a musical I would recommend. Of course, Aida is gone from the Muny now. Catch it next time around!

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One thought on “Aida at the Muny

  1. The bad guys may be the most rock & roll, but Rod-a-mays was the sexiest part of the show. He wore a shirt far too often in that show.

    But you’re right about Another Pyramid, it’s the only song that really stuck with me.

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