Hos Before Bros!

Girls at the Melting Pot

As everyone knows, I bowl on Wednesday nights with Brandon, Andrew and Bob but I was presented with an offer I could not refuse: a “Girls Night Out” at the Melting Pot. I couldn’t let the boys down so I prebowled on Monday night so I could be free tonight. Katie and Kim came by to pick Monika and me up. The menu: spinach and artichoke cheese dip, a refreshing light salad, an entree that had sirloin steak, chicken, tuna, ravioli and various vegetables and a coconut rum chocolate fondue for dessert. All of these were not on the normal menu, just made special for the Girls Night Out. It worked out perfectly because certain people didn’t like certain items and we would trade. I took all of Monika’s tuna and she took my beef and chicken. We all gave Monika the mushrooms and she gave me her portion of her potatoes. As much as I love bowling with the guys, I’m thinking it was worth it to skip out this one time.

Just a few pictures documenting the event. So, same time, same place next month, girls?


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