Jen Can Play with the Big Boys!

I have finally graduated to a real golf course. Yesterday, Bob decided that I was ready to tackle St. Ann’s 9 hole course. I was a bit nervous, considering the courses that I had been playing were ones where you could hit the ball onto the green from the tee box. Walking onto the first hole was a bit daunting because you could barely see the hole, only a vast sea of green. It was a perfect time for me to play, there were maybe one or two people ahead of us, no one behind us, and it wasn’t hotter than hell. I didn’t feel miserable out there or put any pressure on myself to hurry up. There is A LOT OF WALKING in golf. I was fading by the 7th hole, I’m thinking I need to build up my stamina for this. Bob said no to a golf cart, stating that walking would build character, make me a stronger golfer. Hmm, I’m thinking he is just mean. I’m sure you all want to know how I did, so here’s the numbers breakdown:

Course: Par 34
Bob: 38
Jen: 50 (+ a few extra due to the generous number of mulligans that were allotted to me)

Not bad. All I have to say is that at least I’m getting the distance, not yet the finesse.

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2 thoughts on “Jen Can Play with the Big Boys!

  1. Build character? Who does he think he is? Your dad? I think he’s just cheap. Doesn’t want to pay the cart rental fee.

  2. Golf carts are for old people, lazy-asses, or people with artificial legs. And yes, sometimes she calls me daddy. OH YEAH! That’ll build some character, if you know what I mean. Woo Hoo!

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