Neighborhood Salvage Crew

A few weeks ago, Bob and I got a used dining room set from Donna, therefore we got rid of our current set. It was perfect timing because we had just broken a second chair and we were down to only two. So, we were able to give the table away to the Marcantels and set the the three chairs out on the curb for the weekly garbage pick up. When I went to work the next day, I noticed that someone had come by in the middle of the night and took the chairs, even the broken one! Freakin’ weirdos! Oh well, didn’t think anything of it until…

I was driving on Schuetz back from my breakfast date with Jesse on Saturday morning (yes, I can get up early when I have to) when a garage sale to my left caught my eye. As I perused the items quickly while driving by, a chair caught my eye. It looked very similar to the chairs that Bob and I had owned and discarded. I quickly called Bob and told him to stop by the garage sale on his way home to see if it really was our chair. IT WAS! Holy crap, we have discovered the culprits who stole our trash and are now trying to sell it! How funny is that? Now, is that illegal? If it is, I want to press charges, not because they stole my crappy old chairs, but for being such hoosiers! We feel so violated!

One thought on “Neighborhood Salvage Crew

  1. Wow, that is pretty hoosierish. That kind of stuff doesn’t even happen in St. Charles. Actually, it probably does.

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