Storm, What Storm?

Oh wait…you’re talking about THAT storm on Wednesday. The one that shut down the bowling alley fifteen minutes into league play, the one blew St. Louis back to the Stone Age, the one that caused our puppy to freak out and shed a whole new animal. We had no idea it was going to storm that night when we left the house to attend our weekly bowling league until the power went out and the owner told us that there were 100 mile wind gusts. So we came home to no power and a scared Kuma. I have to say, we were one of the lucky ones. We really didn’t have any tree damage (only a couple of limbs fell) and the power was back on around 3 in the morning. My parents, on the other hand, still have no power and will not stay over because they are stubborn. Damn parents, don’t they know that the children are always right?

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4 thoughts on “Storm, What Storm?

  1. We don’t have power now and Ameren is saying about 4 days before they get it restored to those that do not have it. It sucks!

  2. Holy moly! I thought you guys had power! Damn, that sucks! Are you guys staying at either parents’ houses?

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