Ground & Pound vs. Flying Pounce

Kuma & Reagan

We have been dogsitting for about a week now and it has been great. Reagan (yes, he is named after the President) is absolutely adorable. Surprisingly, Kuma has been taking it really well. Sure, there have been moments where she has look miffed at the fact that this puppy is constantly chewing on her ears but it soon passes.

Reagan is shown here exhibiting his trickle down droolonomics theory, sliming Kuma about the ears and head. The theory being that somehow, eventually, Kuma’s paws will receive the benefits of the drooling.

Here, Reagan gets the upper hand, demonstrating his Flying Pounce style. First, he gets a head of steam, charging down the hall. Then he leaps, perfectly timing his attack. Kuma is not amused. She is secretly plotting her revenge…

Kuma retaliates with a little ground and pound. Taking advantage of his over eagerness, she slams Reagan to the carpet and takes side control. Mr. Goose lends a hand here, keeping the Gipper pinned so Kuma can rain down the nibbles and drool.

In the end, we determined that the Kong is indeed the great pacifier.

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