Happy Birthday Kim!

I thought the best way to celebrate your birthday was to drag my ass out of bed for breakfast. Wow, passing up sleep in honor of your birthday, you must be special! Demand attention all day long because it is your day and the tiara gives you that power!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Kim!

  1. Well, I AM the birthday princess! When would you wear a tiara to work, if not on your birthday?

    I think I may explode by the end of the day. I came back from lunch with my team at work and there was a cake sitting in front of my computer. Woof. Too full to even look at cake.

    Other notable people who have the same birthday as me, in order of decreasing hotness: Andy Roddick (tennis), Adam Wainwright (baseball), Cameron Diaz (actress), Mary Shelley (author)… I got a bunch more, but I have to save them for MY blog.

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