Happy Birthday, Kuma!

Kuma and her cake

For her birthday, I stopped by Three Dog Bakery to pick up something special. If you have never been in a gourmet pet store where they display the various goodies, it’s a little like ordering a box of donuts. “Yeah, I’ll have two Pupcakes, some Ciao Wow Cheese Pizzas, a couple of Macaroos, one Labrador Loaf and four RRRuffles.” So, we stuck some candles on her little Pupcake, she made a wish and proceeded to eat the entire treat in one bite. As for her presents, she will be able to pick them out this weekend at Petco .

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Kuma!

  1. I don’t get it. You can get the dog to wear a party hat but you can’t keep her from jumping on to people as they come through the door. Its ok, some dogs just really love visitors.

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