My Bowling Ball Smells Like Purple!

Ever since we decided to play in the Fall League, I thought that I needed to prove that I was committed to improving my game and not be dead weight for the team, therefore, the purchase of a new ball. We asked Ted to see which ball would work well in this particular house and he recommended the Tropical Storm brand. So, I chose this one because I thought it was pretty. When I picked it up a week later to get it drilled, Ted told me to smell it. It like grapes! Total bonus! Not only does it look pretty, it smells pretty, too! The rest of the team is so jealous! I am now ready to kick some ass!

5 thoughts on “My Bowling Ball Smells Like Purple!

  1. All that matters is that it smells like purple and I’m happy with it. To me, that scent has always been associated with the fake grape smell. So, maybe, it’s red currant, maybe it’s not. Who knows?

  2. In all my years of bowling (19), I’ve never smelled a ball that smelled like grapes. Or Red crrants. Whatever those are. Give it a few weeks of bowling, then your balls will smell like mine. I probably should rephrase that but I’m not. Admin it, you laughed. you know you did.

  3. Now I have to smell your bowling ball, Jen. And I can honestly say, that is not an impulse I have ever had in my life before.

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