Retaining Wall Status

Well, it’s been a week since Turfscape began the destruction and erection of our new retaining wall. The guys had said it would be about a four day project but unfortunately, that did not happen. I’m not upset over it because I can’t blame them for not wanting to work too long in this oppressive heat. It’s gotta suck to have to do everything by hand because it’s too narrow to get any heavy machinery back there. One hang-up was that it took them a little longer to rip out the wall behind the deck, it was a little tricky to get behind there and not disrupt the deck. Below are some pictures of of what’s going on the in backyard. I’m thinking about keeping those mounds of dirt exactly where they are, it seems to give the yard some pizazz.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6

3 thoughts on “Retaining Wall Status

  1. Even though it’s going slower than was expected it’s exciting that you’re going to have a new wall! I assume it will be made out of stones since that is what the pictures imply.

    We are getting a new driveway next week! That’s our exciting new. Gosh, how old are we – getting excited about retaining walls and driveways. . . We’re pretty sad, eh?

  2. I know, we’re old. Either that or we have no lives. I can’t tell which is worse. And yeah on your new driveway!

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