SpewFest 2006

You would think with 10 years of drinking under your belt, you would be able to make it either outside or to the bathroom when you’re feeling not so well. But instead, you decided to let it go right on our living room floor. Even the dog knows not to puke in the house! Thank God Colin was there to clean up your mess or else I was going to make you do it, drunk as you were. I should have know something was up when you woke me up at 1:30 in the morning by flipping on the lights and loudly whispering, “Honey, are you awake?” Of course, I wasn’t awake you moron! It was 1:30 in the morning on a weeknight!

3 thoughts on “SpewFest 2006

  1. Oh Damn Bob. On the living room floor? Wow. I mean, wow. Just because Colin is in town doesn’t mean you have to get that tore up. Oh by the way, Strassenfest (or however you spell it) is this weekend. We’re thinking about going down Saturday. You guys should come. Beer and sausage. I know you like some sausage.

  2. Is that way you went to work late and left early? The living room floor is pretty disappointing Bob. I expected more from you. I really did.

  3. Actually, having been Bob’s roomate. The living room floor is perfectly appropriate. When ya gotta go ya gotta go.

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