Wonderful West Plains Weekend

Last week, Jen and I went down to West Plains, MO to visit our friends Laura and Freddie. They’ve moved from St. Louis to Springfield, MO and now to the tiny town of West Plains, population 10,000, to open a new Enterprise branch. While there isn’t much to do there, the real reason of our visit was to see our friends and to psyche ourselves up for the cruise (less than two weeks!). MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

When not chatting about the cruise or playing dominos, we managed to get in some shopping, see Mammoth Springs, Arkansas (the tenth largest spring in the world) and take on some all you can eat catfish and walleye. Yum!

In the end, our weekend was a success. We’re super stoked for the cruise and still reeling from the fried fish. It just goes to show that good friends can make even the tiniest, most boring town fun!

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