We’re Goin’ Cruizin’!

Bob and I will be MIA for an entire 7 days, not because we are too lazy to post, but because we will not have Internet access (free) during our vacation. This will be the longest I am without the outside world at my fingertips. Oh, don’t worry, Lappy will be with us and we will be documenting the experience each day. And when we get back, it will the the longest post EVAR! So I hope you all have a great week because we sure will! Ahoy Mateys!

5 thoughts on “We’re Goin’ Cruizin’!

  1. That’s the saddest post I’ve ever read. Not because you’re not posting or because you won’t be around or anything like that, but for a much more serious reason.
    That post was written exactly as Bob would’ve written it. I mean, seriously…
    “Lappy” “EVAR” “(free)” “Ahoy Mateys”
    That means you are as big of a dork as Bob now.

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