APA Canine Carnival

Today, we went to the Canine Carnival at Tilles Park with Donna, Matthew and Reagan. Bob and I had gone before and we absolutely loved it because you see such the cutest dogs! And the extreme dog lovers have their fur-babies dressed to the nines! Now, it was Reagan’s first time and he didn’t know what to think of the whole experience. There were so many games for dogs and the proceeds for playing went to the APA. Of course, Kuma kicked ass in the peanut butter licking contest. All those practice sessions with daddy and his peanut butter waffles finally paid off. Just look at the intensity on her face as she attacks that spoon:

Of course, it was a little unfair because she was against a little puppy who had ADHD and Reagan, who seemed terrifed of the peanut butter. Waste not, want not, Kuma finished both her spoon and Reagan’s. We played some other games, like one where she chose a treat and won “Bow Wow Bills”, a steak walk, and a hidden treat game.

Kuma’s favorite game was the Cheese Ball Toss. When we attended two years ago, she wasn’t so good at catching objects in the air so we didn’t do so well. Kuma vowed that she would not be that terrible again so she practiced every chance she got. And all of practice paid off for today was her day! She caught all the Cheese Balls thrown at her and she also ate all the ones on the ground. How considerate to clean up after others. Now, if only she’d pick up after herself around the house! Our place looks like a stuffed animal hospital where all the patients have a crappy HMO: lots of little stuffed animals lying around unattended in various states of dismemberment.

Reagan, on the other hand, seemed more interested in looking around than playing any of the games or he just didn’t understand how to play. We have confidence that next year, he’ll get the hang of it. We also met up with Angie and Adam and their two Wheaten Terriers, Ronin and Maggie toward the end of the day. They were adorable and looked like such teddy bears! I recommend going to this event next year, it’s great fun and it’s for a great cause. Plus, you get to meet so many great doggies!

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  1. With the size of that TONGUE it’s no wonder she is the MASTER licker!!! :)

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