That’s a Winner!

The Cardinals are World Series Champions!

Can I just say: Fuck the Naysayers!
The Naysayer

Karl Ravech (can I call you Ravvi? OK. ) — Ravvi: You are the man. Originally, I thought you had jinxed us, but now I realize you are the only one who saw the true path. Can I say, it’s total bullshit that Berman preempts you on the set when Sportscenter cuts to the Baseball Tonight set? It’s true. Berman couldn’t analyze his way out of a wet paper bag. As far as I’m concerned, you’re with me, leather.

In other, less bitchy news:
The Naysayer

Yeah! World Champions, motherfuckers! And that’s a winner!

One thought on “That’s a Winner!

  1. I think you’re giving Ravvi too much credit. Sure he picked us, but only squeaking by in SEVEN, not locking it up in 5.

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