V is for VICTORY!

Saturday night, the Trivia Dream Team reemerged from hibernation to dominate the proceedings at the Florrisant Presbyterian Church Trivia Night. Jen, Kim, Katie, my parents, and I burst onto the scene with a sweep in the first round of questions (“In The News”) and never looked back, completing a wire-to-wire trouncing of all comers. The nearest “competitors” were NINE points behind. IN YOUR FACE!

Highlights included Jen putting her workday websurfing to good use for the “In The News” category, Katie’s Jelly Belly aficionado status coming into play during the Jelly Belly tasting round, and my run on the Retired Numbers category. Larry and Pam came through in the clutch with the movie cars category, while Kim’s performance was pitch perfect in the Children’s Song set. Most surprising of all though was the fact that we all pulled together to get 8 out of 10 on the foliage category.

Our victory was especially sweet, as we had come close the previous two times. Last year, we tied for first, but were outguessed on the tiebreaker, and the year before, we tied for first, but relinquished the title, as we had more players at our table than allowed and were just playing for fun. Now, we’ve got a good team in place. One that has a wide knowledge of various areas of interest, and most importantly, each member contributes to the snacks and foodstuffs. We were not only the most knowledgeable team, but also the most well fed.

In addition to the domination and the gorging ourselves on chicken hot wing dip, we watched the Cards dispatch Justin Verlander and the Tigers in Game 1 of the World Series, and then switched over to watch the Blue Note finish off a 4-3 victory over the hated Blackhawks. Quite the night. Next year, we will return to defend our crown. We will not relent until all those in North County can fully appreciate the power of our trivia knowledge.

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