What A Good Guest!

Last week, while Krissy and Kenny were on vacation, we got to watch Kala-Wala. What a sweetheart! She charmed her way into everyone’s hearts who met her because of her sweet face and sweet nature. Everyone wanted to cuddle with her once they knew that she was able to jump up onto the couch (we needed to give her an escape plan in case she didn’t want to play with Kuma). And how could you resist such a look as she begs for food? There may have a couple of “Whoopsies” that happened during the week but I don’t really remember (wink, wink). Our kitchen floor has never been so clean!

Yes, we even let her sleep in our bed (we wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be homesick). Well, of course, if Kala was going to be in bed with us, Kuma was going to as well. So, every night, as soon as one of us was in bed, both dogs would jump up and settle in for the night. Usually, it was Bob who had to fight his way into bed because both of them would be taking up his side. Tee-hee!

So, it basically comes down to this: if you bring your canine to the Sherron Doggie Hotel, I can guarentee when your dog is returned to you, he or she will have been SPOILED and probably picked up some bad habits (like sleeping in your bed or sitting on the couch). Hey, when you’re on vacation, your dog is on vacation also!

Don’t worry, Kuma was spoiled as well. She got all same goodies, got to sleep in bed, got lots of bellyrubs and was even able to get some people food without us chastising anyone. We did draw the line at her getting up on the couch though. No neglect for her!

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