Camping out in the cold? Wiitarded.

Saturday night Jen and I went out to run some errands and hit Chesterfield Mall and Chesterfield Commons. In both places, tons of nerds were camping out in front of the stores waiting for the next day: the release of Nintendo Wii. While I am certainly excited for this console and will be adding one to our repertoire, I can’t fathom sitting out in 30 degree weather just to get it before everyone else. It’s not even like there’s scarcity of Wiis (Wiis? Wii? Hmm…) like the PS3, so noone should be making a killing on eBay. This is fanboyism, pure and simple.

Anyway. Wii = good. Sitting out overnight waiting for it = dumb.

3 thoughts on “Camping out in the cold? Wiitarded.

  1. I guess the smart ones camped outside of Gamestop, which happens to be inside the mall. Warm and cozy, with a Starbucks nearby.

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