Forking over the Money for Big Purchases

I don’t like buying things that cost more than $300. It makes me all fidgety and I start obsessing about how uncomfortable I am and if I should be buying it. What if I break it? What if we’re being ripped off? Is it worth it for me to have this? Do I really need it? All these questions swirl around in my head while my stomach begins to tie itself into a knot. I felt exactly the same way I did when we bought our bedroom furniture four years ago, Mr. Squeakers (the Civic), the house (man, I was messed up for the entire month before closing), the couches and the appliances. I was even a little freaked out when we got Kuma and paid about $400 for her and her stuff. I would like to think that I’ve unclenched slightly over the years but I believe that is an illusion and Bob can attest to that.

Now, the newest piece of equipment: 42 inch flat screen LCD TV. I can definitely answer one question: WE DO NOT NEED A NEW TV. But needing a new TV and wanting a new TV are two totally separate issues. Bob and I have been talking for months now about this and I’ve been waffling back and forth. One minute, yes, go ahead, the other minute, no. I think, unconsciously, I like to dash that sparkle in Bob’s eye when I tell him that we shouldn’t buy it.

So, finally, I gave him a definite go-ahead on this purchase. I justify it by telling him that he’s not getting anything for his birthday or Christmas and I don’t want him buying me anything for my birthday or Christmas. I mean, we are spending an obscene (in my opinion) amount on this. Even now, I want to take it back but he’s already ordered it. Oh, I’ll definitely enjoy it once it’s installed in my house, but the initial plunge is no fun.

I’m getting all angsty now.

2 thoughts on “Forking over the Money for Big Purchases

  1. Awesome!! Now all you need is the Wii and we (ha!) are set to go! OR We can hook up the N64 for ol’ school Hawk action on those 42 inches. ROCK!!

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