Keep the Spirit of Thanksgiving with you all year long.

Thanksgiving weekend combines some of my favorite things: food, vacation, rampant consumerism and sports on TV. Oh and, uh, family. We went over to my parents’ house on Thursday for Turkey and all the fixin’s. My sister Kate was back in town, as was Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol. Uncle Chris and (the other) Aunt Carol and their kids made the trip up from SoCo as well, so we had a pretty good turnout. As always, the food was good, and we all had our fair share. This morning, we got up at 4:30 a.m. and went out to the Black Friday sales in the Chesterfield Valley. Good times, except for the mass of humanity. Some people will do anything to get their hands on cheap electronics.

After a nap, we got out in the yard and continued our battle against Mother Nature, piling up ten more bags of yard waste. We also prepped for the awesomeness that is our Christmas lights display. Tonight, we went over to Jen’s parents’ house for hot pot. It was so delicious. For all you white people out there, hot pot consists of a bunch of people sitting around a pot of boiling broth and cooking meats and vegetables in it. Like fondue, but better.

Anyway. The best part about this weekend, is the fact that it’s not over. There’s two days left!

2 thoughts on “Keep the Spirit of Thanksgiving with you all year long.

  1. Please do not rub it in for those of us who have to work! Thanksgiving landed on my normal day off for the week. . . therefore I still work 5 days this week since I worked yesterday, and now today, Saturday. Some things just aren’t fair.

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