The Budding Artist

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse, Kim, Katie and I went down to Glazed and Confused to paint ceramic objects. Last year, I made a little ornament with a penguin on it for Bob for Christmas with “Merry Linux 2005” on the back of it. For you non-geeks, Linux is an operating system and its mascot is a penguin, therefore, since Bob is a geek, I thought he would appreciate it. And he did. (And for me to know what Linux is and actually make something geeky like that for him makes me either the most awesome wife in the world or a very, very sad and geeky girl.)

This year, I decided to create an ornament with Kuma on it:

Kuma Ornament

Kuma with Antlers

Isn’t that uncanny? Man, do I have talent or what?

Okay, so the real story is this: I saw a stencil of this animal with antlers and immediately thought it looked like a dog with antlers, hence, Kuma. It was so cute and I kept referring to it as Kuma as I was drawing it onto my ornament. Halfway through painting it, I think I realized that this was not really a dog with antlers, but a reindeer. I asked the girls, “Is this supposed to be a reindeer?” They had all assumed that I thought it was a reindeer and was converting it to a dog. Jeez, any normal person would have looked at the stencil and said reindeer, but no, not me. I swear, sometimes I just don’t know how I function in society. Oh well, so, after a little adjustments to the “hoofs” so they look like paws, it really became Kuma.

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