Merry Christmas!

We thought we would use our puppy to spread some holiday cheer to everyone that we love!

The furriest little angel, our greatest Christmas gift!

Just give me the damn treat!

Is it over yet?


Look, Ma, no hands!

You Know You Need a Vacation When…

Yesterday, I called the trading desk to sell a muni-bond and this is how the end of the conversation went:

Jen: “Okay, so you’ll sell the bond on Friday and it will settle on Monday, right?”

Bond Guy: “It will settle next day, which is Tuesday, due to the holiday.”

Jen: “What holiday?”

Bond Guy: (Pause.) “Uh, Christmas.”

Jen: “(Expletive.) Omigod! I can’t believe I forgot!”

This is what happens when your firm works you to the bone.

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“Are We Having Mock Turtle Soup Again?”

My annual Christmas luncheon was held at the St. Louis Club, second year in a row, this past Friday. This is the one event that Bob looks forward to each year. He dresses up in his suit, goes into work that day and makes everyone believe that he’s going on a job interview. Even though he has a great time mingling with the people in my firm, he’s really there for the food.

And the food did not disappoint him. Bob likes to remember certain dishes that he has had over the years. For the past three years, all he could talk about was the Bread Pudding (which we rediscovered over at Cyrano’s) and this past year he raved about the soup. When I told him that the event was at the Club again, he had to make sure that we were having the soup.

I tell you, I work hard at my job and he gets all the benefits! I mean, all this great food, trip to New York, nights out on the town. And what do I get from his company? Pain, misery and loneliness. Seems a little unfair!

Busy busy busy busy

It’s been a late workin’, website buildin’, candidate interviewin’, world travelin’, birthday havin’, beer drinkin’, bad bowlin’, yard workin’, snow shovelin’, Top Chef watchin’, dog hasslin’, turkey eatin’, exercisin’, Jen lovin’ kind of month.


I guess I can add “bloggin'” to that list now…

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Honey, I’m glad you made it home in time to celebrate your birthday! I don’t know, you’re now 28, do you feel your knees creakin’, your back giving out yet? That marathon training may be harder on you since you’re almost 30! You might not be able to keep up with us kids! Love you soooooo much!

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