Don’t You Wish Work Had Snow Days?

That was exactly what I had asked Bob on Thursday and then the call came in on Friday: Office Closed!! Hooray! I couldn’t believe it, an actual snow day. That meant that I had a four-day weekend. This is definitely a great start to December. Okay, so either go sledding with all the other kids who had a snow day or do laundry. Damn you responsibilities!

In between loads of laundry, watching TV and snacking on munchies (all while Bob was at work), I thought I would take a few pictures of the Winter Wonderland outside my window. Now that I was safe in my home, I could now appreciate the beauty (in the car on Thursday, I was too busy cursing the gods and crying, “I wanna go home”).

That was the sickly pine tree in between the carports. Its will to live was not strong enough to battle the sleet, ice and snow. Don’t worry, Bruce came by on Saturday and cleaned it all up! He is so outdoorsy!

Icicles on icicle lights. Very pretty!

Branches, encased in ice. If you look close enough, there are buds on the branches, how sad. To think, just a week ago, it was 70 degrees.

Kuma, feeling very safe observing from the warm comfort of her corner.

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