You Know You Need a Vacation When…

Yesterday, I called the trading desk to sell a muni-bond and this is how the end of the conversation went:

Jen: “Okay, so you’ll sell the bond on Friday and it will settle on Monday, right?”

Bond Guy: “It will settle next day, which is Tuesday, due to the holiday.”

Jen: “What holiday?”

Bond Guy: (Pause.) “Uh, Christmas.”

Jen: “(Expletive.) Omigod! I can’t believe I forgot!”

This is what happens when your firm works you to the bone.

One thought on “You Know You Need a Vacation When…

  1. Works you to the bone! Didn’t you get to leave early the night before Thanksgiving and had that Friday off! I had to work Friday and Saturday of that week. . .

    And didn’t you get a snow day??? When I had to drive to work in the dangerous conditions of Olive and Manchester. . .

    Works you to the bone my ass!

    Ha ha, can you tell I’m a bit jealous!

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