Bring on the Wrinkles!

Since purchasing the ginormus television, Bob has been chomping at the bit to watch it in HD. I guess it’s not living up to its full potential without it. Okay, so he called DirecTV as soon as we got the TV in the house and they told him that it would take a MONTH for some more HD receivers to be shipped in due to the demand. As you know, he was crushed, like a little boy who’s puppy got ran over. But patience has finally rewarded him. He is going to spend this Saturday waiting for his precious HD receiver between 1-5 PM. As soon as it’s set up and he sees each bead of sweat drip off Steve Nash’s forehead, he’s is going to give the DirecTV guy more love than I’ve seen in weeks.

8 thoughts on “Bring on the Wrinkles!

  1. I have no idea where the website went. I don’t think there’s been anything new on it for about a year anyway :) If Bob would teach me to blog it would be a different story ;)

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