The Academy Does Have a Sense of Humor

A couple of weekends ago, Bob, Kim and I went down to the Tivoli to review the animated shorts and live action shorts that were nominated for an Oscar and we cast our votes amongst ourselves on who would win. Today, Kim found out who won and we were both shocked at who got the Oscar for live action short: West Bank Story! I loved the short, it was hysterical and it was great to watch something that wasn’t so heavy on the drama, but I didn’t think it had a chance to win an Oscar. This is awesome!

2 thoughts on “The Academy Does Have a Sense of Humor

  1. It’s crazy, I tell you!! CRAZY! How does a movie about competing falafel stands win an Oscar?!?

    Helmer & Son and Eramos Pocos must have split the serious vote.

    I want to find the acceptance speech on YouTube.

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