A Shake for Breakfast…

You see, I’m not a weekday breakfast person, mostly due to the fact that I get up too late to eat a bowl of cereal, scramble some eggs, make toast, that kind of thing. And when I get to the office, I immediately get to work and don’t even think about it. I’m also not hungry in the morning. Since the girls in my office are constantly trying to lose weight, I thought I would join in and see what else I could do besides just running at the gym. So, I started drinking a Slim-Fast shake for breakfast, but not for lunch, just breakfast, to kick-start my metabolism because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” blah, blah, blah. Does it count when it comes out of can? I was actually surprised that the shakes aren’t too bad. They are drinkable and it even tastes like chocolate, just like it says on the label. So, along with “eating” breakfast, I am actually making smarter choices on what to have for lunch instead of what looks good (good-bye fried foods) and making smaller portions for dinner. Also, less snacking (damn, and I just bought those four boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Bob’s cousin). We’ll see how this goes, I’m giving myself two weeks before I crack.

4 thoughts on “A Shake for Breakfast…

  1. All of us running should really be doing this. It’s a lot easier to run with 20 less pounds. Plus, we have to look good for the lake.

  2. Don’t crack. Bob better not let you either. Now that I don’t have a second job, I started back at the gym this week. So I better not see you eating crappy food in front of me.

  3. Good Luck Jen!! :) I have been on a diet since Christmas and have lost around 20 pounds…..you just have to keep thinking positivie no matter how difficult it gets. I will be cheering for you!!! ;)

    P.S. I took a job with the public schools……starting this August!!! YEAH!!!

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