Fondue Weekend

To sum up the weekend: yummy food. Starting off, we held a hot pot event over at the house on Friday night. Yao came up with the idea and we originally had it planned for his house but then he was introduced to Wii Boxing and is now hooked. Therefore, the dinner was moved to our house so everyone can unwind after dinner with some Wii action. The participants: Yao, Sheena, Ruud, Krissy, Kenny, Bob and me. Even though seven people came over, only five of us really had hot pot (Krissy and Sheena opted out and just ate bagel pizzas, edamame and crab rangoon-they are not big fans of weird things). This was our first time meeting Yao’s new roommate, Ruud and he’s pretty cool. He’s here from the Netherlands doing an internship. He’s only been here for a week and it seems like Yao has taken him under his wing. Ruud was there ready to try new things, which was awesome because not many people are willing to eat tripe (me included, yuck). I thought dinner turned out great, it was my first time having hot pot without my parents and I was a little nervous about it but Yao seemed to know what he was doing.

On Saturday night, Krissy, Kenny Bob and I went to the Melting Pot to gorge ourselves on cheese and chocolate (in my opinion, that’s what everyone should have for dinner). Since Krissy was on the Melting Pot email list, she told us about the Girl Scout special that was going on. When we got there, we asked if the Girl Scout chocolates were available yet and the waitress said that it didn’t start until Monday. Sigh, disappointment. But, she came back later and told us that she asked her manager about it and her manager said that we could be THE FIRST to have the Girl Scout chocolate fondues. Allright! We got to order the fondue before anyone else did – I felt so special. Big fan of the Thin Mint fondue (it has caramel Bailey’s)!

3 thoughts on “Fondue Weekend

  1. You should really give tripe a chance. If you don’t think about it, it’s almost fun to eat. We should definitely get more scallops next time too.

  2. You are an evil, evil fondue whore. I totally hate you. How dare you. Spoiling our special night like that.

    Eville; population: Jen.

    But it was still fun, even if you were all smug because you’d already tried [practically] EVERYTHING new. :p

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