When I heard about the tornadoes that touched down near White Plains, MO last week, I immediately called Laura and Freddie to make sure that they were both okay (I was sure they were, it was also a great excuse to talk to her about us coming down to visit in the next couple of weeks). Well, I didn’t hear from her and a soon forgot about it until she called last night. Apparently, they had moved to Wichita and had been living there for TWO WEEKS already! And to think, I was going to going take a weekend to visit! HA! Wichita’s a little further than West Plains! Laura was afraid of me yelling at her for moving without telling me and she was not wrong. Here I was worried that she was at home, pregnant during that crazy storm, but no, instead, she was cozy in her new apartment in a different state. Man, now we have to drive even further to visit them. I pretty much told her that the next time they move, they better move to St. Louis or move somewhere cool, not another freakin’ town in the middle of nowhere or else we weren’t going to ever visit.

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