The Wrath of the Asian Lady

Friday night, Jen and I went out to dinner with her mom, sister, 2 aunts and uncle to Ryce Oriental Buffet. I was in the zone, putting down some dumplings near the end of the meal when Jen started tugging at my elbow and hissing under her breath. See, we had decided before we went that we’d pick up the tab for this meal, but Jen’s aunt had snuck away and cornered our server and was trying to pay. Once I figured out what Jen was hissing about, I jumped up and strode purposefully over towards the server, trying to head him off before he ran the other card. I waited for Jen’s aunt to turn around and head back to the table, and slid in next to the server.

I said, “Hey buddy. Here. Run this one instead.” Just then Jen’s aunt turned around and saw what was going on and used her secret weapon. She started speaking to the server in Chinese and looking angry. I was telling him in English that we were going to pay, she was (presumably) telling him that she was going to pay. The server looked like he wanted to crawl under the table and hide.

Fortunately, Jen came to the rescue with her potent mix of Chinese and English and some finger shaking + angry eyebrows. The server finally relented and took our card, and a good laugh was had by all.

Moral of the story, when Jen shakes her finger at you, you had best respect.

4 thoughts on “The Wrath of the Asian Lady

  1. Like when she’s on the phone with relatives and she just goes back and forth between? Yeah, I find that pretty entertaining myself. It’s cool.

  2. I didn’t even come close. Clearly I combined the words “Chinese” and “English” into one word “Chinglish”

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