Who’s Fault Is It?

Tonight, as I was driving into the Schnuck’s parking lot, the car in front of me stops and some older lady gets out of the passenger side. She crosses behind the car (in front of me) and begins to scurry across the street. As I watch her cross, this red mini-van all of a sudden slams on the brakes and comes within 6 inches of hitting her. The car was close enough that the lady actually put her hand on the hood. I look to see this guy, talking on a cell phone, looking pissed. Now, who’s in the wrong here? Is it the woman, who crossed the street without looking or was it the guy who was going too fast in the parking lot and not paying attention? In my opinion, they are both idiots, her for crossing the street like a child (you would think that she had some more sense than a five-year-old) and him for being more interested in his conversation than what’s going on around him (learn to multi-task). Stupid people!

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Fault Is It?

  1. I think it’s more the fault of the woman crossing the street. I mean come on, you have to look. As for the guy – could he clearly see her crossing? Or did she just pop out from behind the other car? If that’s the case then it’s totally the woman’s fault.

    Was there screaming involved?? That would be funny!

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