Cuts for Mutts

Ever since we adopted Kuma from the Humane Society, we have been suckers for all these fund-raising events that involved shelters. Our latest event, Cuts for Mutts, a free haircut at Zangara Spa & Salon and all donations would be given to Mutts & Stuff. While there, volunteers had puppies available for adoption and they were all adorable! There was one fluffy puppy that very much reminded me of Kala (Krissy and Kenny’s fur baby) when she was little. I was a big fan of Sophie, a brindle pitbull, she was such a sweetheart.

The haircut, though quick, turned out pretty well. Julie gave me some chunky layers and gave my hair a more textured look by using a razorblade instead of conventional scissors. Basically this haircut could be worn in a number of ways, if I was so inclined, but you know I’m lazy, I’ll stick with keeping it out of my face. Now when Bob sat down, he told the stylist that he wanted something different, a little more trendy. When it was all said and done, he ended up receiving the same haircut as when he went to Great Clips. But he did get his eyebrows trimmed so he can’t comb his eyebrows into his eyes anymore. A good experience, a worthy cause and no more of Bob’s abnormally bushy eyebrows, I’m okay with that.

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