Observations from a Foreigner’s Perspective

I thought I would let people know some differences that I have noticed since arriving to my parents’ homeland.

1. The beds are firm and I mean firm. It is like you are sleeping on a wooden floor with the barest of padding. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a firm mattress is good for the spine but this is over the top.

2. I am washing my clothes by hand, BY HAND! Yes, the whole bucket of water, washboard, rinse and hang on a line dry. I know I’m a wife, but I draw the line at handwashing rank undies.

3. I am considered ginormous. That’s right, fat, large, stocky, every adjective you can think of to describe voluptous. Thank goodness I have great self-esteem to tell them all that winters are very cold in Missouri and I need the extra insulation.

4. Only wimps use air-conditioning. Sure, there are some window units where we live but we were advised only to use when it is so oppressively hot. I wonder who’s going to crack first, Bob or me (I’m thinking it’s him because it’s his first time here and he doesn’t know yet how bad it can be in the summer).

5. Men carry their ladies’ purses and not in the “Eww, hurry up in the bathroom, I don’t want to carry this monstrosity anymore” way. They are actually carrying them around while holding hands. And they also wear matching tee-shirts, as in same exact tee-shirt, in pink.

6. Mopeds have the right of way in everything. These vehicles are everywhere, swerving in and out of traffic, blowing red lights, on sidewalks, going down the wrong side of the road. To the moped driver, no rules of the road can contain them. Which is why I always have Bob walk next to me. If one of those things slams into him, I’m thinking the moped would sustain more damage than him.

If you can think of anything else I should be looking for and compare, please leave me a comment and I shall seek and find the answer. Until next time, be grateful that you are enjoying your washer and dryer and a soft cushy bed with extra fluffy pillows.

4 thoughts on “Observations from a Foreigner’s Perspective

  1. Hey Jen, It looks like your aunt picked up the first fed ex package, but my dad said that another fedex notice is on the door…..and the neighborhood watch continues!

  2. I had to stop reading and calm down before continuing I was laughing so hard. The though of Bob blocking the mopeds was too much for me. Can you imaging if one bumped in to Jen and she wasn’t wearing hi-tops! Holy cow! And Jen, if you are considered ginormous, what category does Bob go in?

    I would like for you to be on the look out for nice knock off purses ;) And any differences in kitchens and baths. :)

  3. I want to know about the news! Is there a lot of international news shown over there? What are they reporting about the US? And what do the people think about Americans (besides that we’re ginormous :) )? Also, Jen, do Taiwanese children talk to their stuffed animals? Haha!

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