He Really Does Exist!

There has been a running joke between Christine, Monika and me regarding Christine’s boyfriend, Brad. She has been dating him for about two years yet Monika and I had never met him. The time that we visited her up in Philly, he was out of town (how convenient). The last couple of times that she has come home, he somehow was always too busy to visit her hometown. Ever since then, we were convinced that he was her imaginary boyfriend. In this day and age, you can easily Photoshop some random dude into your pictures.

To our shock and surprise, he actually came down with Christine this past weekend and we were honored to be graced with his presence. He is very awesome! It takes a special person to have my best friend as a girlfriend and I am convinced that he’s a keeper. He was able to keep her in line and keep his cool. I totally approve! Two thumbs up!

Four of Us in a Paddleboat
Because we couldn’t find a parking spot to go to the zoo, we parked at the Boathouse and decided to take a paddleboat out for a spin. That was really fun, I’ve never been before. (Editor’s Note: It was probably so much fun because the girls didn’t have to paddle). There were a couple of moments where I feared for my Coach purse, but we made it back to the dock safe and sound, even after beaching momentarily.

Christine Trying to Beat Up Brad
Christine thoroughly enjoys the Wii (who doesn’t, really?) and so she wanted to convince Brad to purchase one. We came back to the house to get some Wii on. At least in Wii boxing, she has a slight chance in beating him up, but in the end, he does prevail. Will she get her Wii? Only time will tell…

Bob and Brad
After a sound beating by Brad, Christine recruits Bob to show Brad how it feels to be schooled. Poor Brad, it really wasn’t pretty, he was knocked out in 20 seconds. Yet, he came back for more. I think he’s hooked.

And how can you pass up a trip to Ted Drewes when company comes to visit? Yum, just as delicious as I remembered. Mmmmmm….Fox Treat Concrete. Brad, I hope that you had as much fun with us as we did with you. It was great meeting you and it really reassures me that Christine didn’t just make you up! :-)

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  1. I don’t think you should completely rule out the possibility that she just paid this guy. I’m just saying.

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