Separation Anxiety

I will be going out of town this weekend. Did you notice that it is singular? That’s right, I will be traveling to Washington, DC to attend Kristy’s bachelorette party WITHOUT BOB. I believe that this will be the first time that I will be traveling by myself since we we got married. It’s a little weird, I’m a little anxious but I think I’ll get over it. :-) Hopefully, Bob won’t get into too much trouble while I’m gone. Do not feel sorry for him, he’s gone on numerous trips without me (Hawaii June ’03, let’s just say my three year anniversary was memorable, as in I remember Bob not being there). Now it’s my turn.

3 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. I was with you on your 3 year anniversary!! I was probably crying my eyes out, but I was there and let’s face it, that’s what counts!

  2. What’s wrong with this picture, Jen? Maybe you and I should have gotten married and Bob should have married Kenny. Hmmm. I wonder if people would still assume Bob and I were together and you and Kenny were together if that were the case??

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